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Raw data now!

You knew it all along - processed foods are bad for you. Could processed data be bad for you as well? I think so.

In process of preparing data for a specific use you might be inadvertently destroying it for any other future use: aggregated data loses its granularity; normalized data is forced into specific relationships, and so on. Solution - to leave the data as it is. Raw. Unmangled. Unadulterated. And beef up just-in-time processing capacities.

This aligns with a renaissance of key/value pairs as the preferred data storage format (so called NoSQL databases) which was around since 1940s, at the very least; the unstructured data which grows at exponential speed, and is increasingly consumed at the source without ETL processing..

Sure, convenience is lost with raw data - you're on your own to make sense out of it. For some people it might be exactly what they were craving for, and for those on a fast food diet there will be enough companies and individuals to package and sell the data, and its derivatives. But there will be always more where it came from!

Here's a video call for access to raw data by the real Internet inventor Tim Berners-Lee.


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