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Singing data blues

Data democratization is a great equalizer... Only, to paraphrase  George Orwell, some are going to  be more equal than the others. With data available in ever greater quantities and ever less processed formats the users are left to fend for themselves. The era of structured data is ending and era of raw data that comes to replace it will require entirely different set of skills .
Consider the following analogy - a musical tune. It is composed of the same 7 notes, arranged in some harmonic patterns which qualify it as a tune. You might like it, and then again - you might not. In the latter case you might decide to improve upon it; maybe, rearrange the notes, or combine it with a different tune.  The results would predictably vary - some would end up with a tune of their own but the vast majority the result would be cacophony at best, and white noise at worst ( I recognize cacophony to be a superior result because of the internal structure it implies whereas white noise has none).
Equal access to data does not automatically result in equal information being created - much less equal knowledge.

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