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Getting started with Oracle BI: virtual experience – Part V

(continued from Part IV)

Step 9

Starting OBIEE application

Oracle warns about potential need to adjust networking settings by entering IP address assigned to the image ( into the /etc/hosts file for entry. This was not required for my specific configuration, and there is good change it won’t be required for yours either. Please refer to the Oracle VM VirtualBox Image SampleApp v107 Deployment Guide for more information.

Oracle provides startup scripts to launch application, they are in the eponymous folder on the desktop. The Figure 1 presents contents of the folder (double-click on the folder icon will do the trick)

Start up OID services (Oracle Application Server) by double-clicking on the file in the StartupScripts folder

Click Run in Terminal button. A new terminal window pops up; you need to wait until the window disappears plus additional 5-10 seconds before proceeding to the next startup script which starts Oracle WebLogic Server

The procedure for starting up WebLogic Server is almost identical - double-click on [] file and select Run in Terminal button. The terminal window explodes with informational and warning messages (see figure 1) - be patient, it might last for quite a few minutes.

Proceed to the next step after you see at the bottom of the terminal window message informing you that “Server started in RUNNING mode” (see Figure 2).

Important: do not close this terminal window; leave it running (you can minimize it)

The next step is to launch [] script; follow the same steps as for the previous scripts. Wait until the terminal window for the BI processes will disappear automatically - which might take awhile (4 min in my case)

Oracle advises against starting Essbase services unless you can allocate 3MB to the VM alone; this pretty much precludes any 32 bit machine from running these services. This tutorial does not deploy []. Most samples, assures Oracle, will work without these services running.

(continued in Part VI of  Getting started with Oracle BI:  a virtual experience)



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  1. Another question: (sorry for my networking ignorance) to allow the vm machine running on my desktop to be used by others in my firm, are there any basic steps to make the vm samble OBI URLs accessible by coworkers? thx

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