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Enhancing analytics at employee store

The other day I was watching my kids trying on running/athletic/training shoes in the Nike Employee store (thanks to an acquaintance of mine!), and could not hep but wonder whether the company's missing an opportunity here. All ingredients were present:

  • a guest must register at the entrance with a valid ID.
  • a guest pass must be presented at the check out.

Granted, this gives Nike opportunity to track demographics and selection preferences (no doubt they are already doing this). But there could be more - with a little bit of RFID tracking they could also catch a decision making process. All they need to do is to add an RFID tag to each pair of shoes they selling (a dime or so per tag), and an RFID reader in every bench a customer takes the shoes to try them on (a bit more expensive but not prohibitively so).

Each pair of shoes within certain temporal proximity to the pair of shoes that has been actually bought could be considered as point in the selection process; accuracy could be increased by factoring in shoe size variation (e.g. size 8 and size 11 likely to be unrelated while sizes 10,10.5 and 11 would be), target gender etc.

Now the company has got not only the customer's age, gender and shoe preferences, they also have captured a record of the shoes that the customers looked at closely enough to be tried on but which were ultimately rejected... and this might help them to make some decisions of their own .

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