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No application is an island II

I was cleaning my garage the other day, and came across pile of floppy disks purporting to be Microsoft Word 6.0... The high-density 1.44MB 3.5" floppies, mind you, not the old 5.25" ones with puny 720KB...

There were days, not so long ago when a person's computer was his castle. Nothing was going in unless he put it in. Neither application, nor operating system were trying to dump thousands of mysterious "patches", "updates", "fix packs" on the unsuspecting computer... Nowadays, connectivity is a given; moreover, it is required (ever tried to activate Windows by phone?). Are we better off because of it?  Do you really know what's going on on your machine at any given time? There is entire cottage industry that sprung up to help us with this mess but... "who guards the guardians"?

No, there is no turning back. We live in a brave new world. Ever braver, ever newer. It appears that Pandora box was but a Russian Matryoshka - a nested doll...

If I am to to pinpoint a single major transformation occured on my watch (so far), it would be this ubiquitous connectivity. We are always "plugged-in" - cell phones, iPods, computers... Homo Connectus, pardon my Latin.

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