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Software mega-packages in the SOA world

What do you get when you add content management, eForms, collaboration, messaging and workflows – basic building blocks of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) suite such as MS Sharepoint, Adobe LiveCycle/Alfresco etc.? A platform for assembling a custom ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application.

For decades SAP had an iron grip on the ERP market (with ~30% of the total ERP market and ~25% of SCM and CRM markets) ; also-runs Siebel, Lawson, MS Dynamics etc dividing remaining 60% of the market. With advent of ECM one could connect proprietary and/or open source/free components into a powerful ERP app for a company that isn’t prepared to spend millions on SAP, and adopt their “best practices” in the process; instead they could implement their own best practices and maybe even re-use their existing accounting, planning or material management software.

Maybe, the era of mega packages is over…

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