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Scarcity of will

US elementary school teachers are pretty efficient when it comes to scaring kids out of their wits with predictions of doom and gloom... A ten years old cannot find Europe on the map, or do long division, or say what WWII was about, but he knows for sure that the world is doomed, that humans destroy the Earth, and it all will be gone by the time he grows up! Progress became a dirty word, science is barely tolerable, and most of the time represents the root of all evil - that's it, when it not entertaining or focused on ecology… (and I am speaking from personal experience)

It is a wonder that some kids still find the will to wake up and face the doomed world another day!

As the saying has it: where there is a will there is a way.  If one to accept it as an axiom (and I do), then the logical conclusion would be that the world would run out of ways only when it runs out of will.

This "doom and gloom" culture constantly underestimates human ingenuity. William Stanley Jevons  in 1865 confidently predicted that the world will run out of coal within a generation; the latest reports tell us that we have more discovered deposits than ever.  Sheikh Yamani, former OPEC oil minister, hit the nail on the head when remarked: “The Stone Age didn't end because we ran out of stones"...

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