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Tunnel vision(s)

At the inaugural meeting of the New York Technology Council Thursday night, Google Vice President of Research Alfred Spector and Microsoft architect evangelist Bill Zack debated their views on how data will be stored and shared in the future.

Google leads shift to the "web as platform" paradigm, and Microsoft has a grip on desktop, and - to a significant degree - on the server market. Not surprisingly, they see the world through their respective rosy glasses: Google wants everything to be in the cloud ("network computing", anyone?), and Microsoft puts forward his "three screens" strategy blancing its cash cows - Windows + MS Office - with a bet on cloud computing, the new Azure platform. Google does not have the legacy ties, it was in the cloud business from day one, though recent developments such as Android and Chrome OS indicate that they might be bridging the gap in opposite direction...

If the only tool one has is a hammer suddenly every problem starts looking like a nail..

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