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Oracle/Sun: Some questions answered, some are raised..

In my previous post I was pondering future for Sun technologies under Oracle ownership... The latest press conference with Oracle's exec team shed some light on their plans:

Java figures prominently into Oracle's future. Let's wait and see how they are going to handle the open source community...

JavaFX will get aggressive investments. Oracle is going after Flash and Silverlight.

GlassFish is delegated to the status of Microsoft Access (if RDBMS metaphors to be used), departmental use at best. Bye.

NetBeans will remain as a "lightweight development environment for Java developers". Ouch. RIP.

Interestingly enough, the open source continuous integration server HUDSON was mentioned during this heavyweights conference. Not sure what this would spell for the application... Got a feeling that Oracle will try competing in ALM market.

SUN Cloud is officially dead. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison had declared it a fad. I think he's dead wrong on this, just as Bill Gates managed to go spectacularly wrong with his "Internet is but a fad" and "Nobody needs more that 640KB of RAM" assertions.

Nothing specific on either Solaris or MySQL...

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