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Software Development Ecosystem

I became an instant convert into the concept of Software Factory back in 2007, and blogged about it in 2009 here

While I did not see much uptake in the organizations I came into contact with professionally, I still believe that it's only a timing issue, maybe with some minor tweaks added. One of such would be crafting more friendly and less mechanistic image. Hereby I propose new concept: Software Development Ecosystem (SDE).
I believe this definition better reflects complexities of the software development with subtle implications of  a living system, constantly evolving and self-regulating, while "Factory" carries somewhat negative overtones of a conveyor belt...

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  1. What elements do you think should be comprised in such an ecosystem?

    I mean: surely several aspects of a complex system should be taken into account: the human factors, the technological components (which are what I’m interested on, currently), the managerial policies, and some others.

    What do you see?

  2. As the name implies, the SDE occupies its niche in the ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) space; the components that you referring to are closely related but are outside the scope.
    Despite style differences between the organizations there are components that always are present and ideally supporting full traceability:

    1. Requirements management (this applies both to development and integration)
    2. Software architecture
    3. Code management (including source code management, IDE integration, code qulity – static analysis, standards compliance, code reviews, coverage analysis, unit tests etc)
    4. Test management (functional testing, load/performance testing etc.)
    5. Build management (continuous integration, test automation)
    6. Defect/Issue management (incorporates issues reported by testers, customers, developers; change management etc)
    7. Software configuration management
    8. Release and Deployment management

    of course, there are many more dependencies – training (both user and customer), HR, Project management… Take a look at the SDF (Software Development Factory) internal presentation I made back in 2009 –
    [ ]

  3. Hi

    Do you know Clinker? It’s a Software Development Ecosystem ready to use.


  4. I do not think I ever came across this particular one yet…will take a closer look.
    There are quite a few out there – Collabnet, Atlassian, UrbanCode comes to mind.
    The industry is maturing rapidly, and best practices become a norm, not an exception. I still remember times where I had to make argument for source code control; now it is standard for any development – and has been for at least a decade… Continuous integration, continuous delivery, static code analysis, requirements management – all coalesce into what I call SDE in my post. The future is near 🙂

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