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Incredible disappearing CIO

I can't help but think that the business love affair with CIO is over... I mean, they disappear faster than snowflakes on a hot plate: the first ever federal CIO - Vivek Kundra -  is leaving the federal government in mid-August to accept a fellowship at Harvard University.

Just two years after being appointed. Given that at the core of CIO office lay long-term enterprise-wide strategies, this raises questions about how these initiatives will survive the departure.  Will a new CIO be appointed? Would the new CIO continue the course? Is a short-term CIO beneficial or detrimental to an organization? (the latter seem to be more likely)...


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  1. That position is charged with so much, but is given very little power. They have zero authority outside of OMB, little if any real support from the administration and have to fight all of the little fiefdoms within the federal government. I, for one, would never take that job in a million years.

  2. Indeed…. Some companies do away with CIO altogether finding it much cheaper – in short run, that is – to continue to run business as usual, with time horizon of financial quarter. These will continue to bite silver bullets one after another – outsourcing, ITIL, Lean Six Sigma (to name but a few), with predictable results and genuine disappointment…

    Then again, a lot depends on the person filling the position. I, for one, was surprised by the appointment – it appears that Mr. Kundra was selected on what he will do, not what he’s done (both his academic and industry credentials are rather unimpressive).

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