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Weakening Apple’s iron grip: fighting stranglehold with standards

It seems that Apple just can’t help itself, and always comes back to its preferred model it started with - total control over its platform.  The smart design and brilliant insights of Steve Jobs kept company’s fortunes up but this lucky streak is about  to end - and for the same reason it had lost its hardware fight.

With its hugely popular iPod/iPad running iOS operating system Apple had market cornered for awhile by being a gatekeeper for what can and cannot run of its devices, and 30% cut Apple makes on every sale made from its App Store or through in-app purchasing system  has definitely helped the bottom line.

The decision not to support Adobe Flash - while having some engineering justification - was in line with Apple anal business model… It took an open standard to bust Apple’s monopoly - HTML5 standard that is.. The most recent high profile jail-breaker is - with the release of its Kindle Cloud Reader app, it is bypassing Apple's tollbooth!


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  1. The most recent vindication of the standards over proprietary stuff – Adobe drops Flash for smartphones (

    Nevertheless, I do not buy for a second that Apple’s decision had anything to do with open standards support – it was old “divide and conquer” strategy

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