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Flies catching: honey vs. alternatives

It appears that Adobe may surpass Microsoft as primary target of target for the hackers, at least according to predictions by McAfee Labs.

I never bought the idea that a sheer number of vulnerabilities discovered in Microsoft software is somehow a proof of the inferior quality of the products, rather it s a proof of its immense popularity and ubiquitous-ness, with a promise of a bigger payoff for a hacker in case of a successful attack... [ this is not to excuse Microsoft's arrogance (Vista, of the most recent examples) and sloppiness (Windows 9x, COM and other commercially successful though half-baked technologies) but only give a credit where it's due ]

It would be interesting to compare bugs-to-market share ratios for the most popular software. Mac, despite being a Unix derivative, has its fair share of bugs; so does Linux... these numbers are dwarfed by Windows-specific threats, of course. In my experience, the more user-oriented the software is the more vulnerable it becomes as businesses do not want to alienate/overwhelm their customers with annoying warnings and tedious configuration tasks...which are necessary for strong security. Catch 22, sort of...