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I call VIEW frozen SQL query

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a late eighteen - early nineteen century German writer and philosopher, "considered by many one of the most important thinkers of the Western Civilization", once remarked: I call architecture frozen music. He might have been paraphrasing his compatriot Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling, who expressed similar idea thirty years earlier.

Regardless, I think this definition perfectly captures the nature of an SQL view construct. Hereby I claim authorship: VIEW is a frozen query.

Most of the books on SQL introduce views as part of "Creating database objects" chapter, and I am as guilty as anyone having done so in my SQL Bible. Now I believe that it should belong to the multi-table queries chapter, with secondary appearance in the chapter on SQL security.

P.S. should you find references to the phrase used in SQL context earlier than November 29, 2010, I'd be happy to relinquish it 🙂