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Dark waters and thick clouds of the skies…*

Will cloud change the ways we architect software?

Despite all the hype, cloud computing is little more than ability to procure computing capacity on demand, platform as a service; it is virtualization on steroids...
It holds the same promise as Internet had in the beginning  - levelling of the playing field. Instead of buying expensive hardware and software one could configure a whole farm of servers within an hour, pay only for what it is being use, and shut down when no longer needed: no unused licenses, no hardware to auction. Ultimate flexibility.

This also would give rise to unique architectural solutions..Imagine, that your system decides that it needs to increase computing or storage capacity to meet an increasing demand. In physical world this would mean buying and configuring a server, plugging it into network, installing all the software - and this would  involve someone doing the actual work... In the cloud all of this can be done automatically through API.
A software system that grows, shrinks and configures itself... This what I call paradigm shift!

SOA yields itself very nicely to the cloud, one might say this is a marriage made in heaven; ultimate in distributed computing, a first class cloud citizen. Imagine a self assembling software where kernel system discovers services, and strings them together into useful processes according to some vaguely spec'd needs... I can dream, can't I?

*He made darkness his secret place; his pavilion round about him were dark waters and thick clouds of the skies. Psalm 18:11