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Hudson is released to Eclipse Foundation

I was watching rather apprehensively the split in Hudson development (Hudson/Jenkins fork). My team was using Hudson CI for over a year now, and we came to rely on it as a key component of our Software Development Ecosystem, with extensive customization and integration; we really like the product and the idea that we would have to replace it was enough to give me jitters (I even blogged about it here)

I view this as a positive development, even as some in the field disagree

Oracle submitted proposal to release Hudson as an open source project to Eclipse Foundation

"Oracle today announced that it has submitted a proposal to the Eclipse Foundation to create a Hudson project in Eclipse and contribute the Hudson core code to that project."

"Under the new proposal, Oracle will be the project lead with Sonatype, Tasktop, and VMware as initial contributors.Other companies are also listed as project supporters."



Looks like my celebration was a bit premature, and there appear to be a lot of acrimonious feeling in the developers community.  They voice their frustrations here, in the post by Mik Kersten

At the same time, Kohsuke Kawaguchi uploaded a presentation on SlideShare with his own narrative on the split, and his perspective on the future developments.

I guess we have no choice but wait until the dust settles.