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Finding your natural habitat @work: It’s what you do in your free time that counts

When comes to computer programming there are two broad categories of companies - these that produce IT products, and those that consume IT  products(with countless variations in-between).

The skills set for each is somewhat similar yet there's enough difference to apply different criteria to interviewing candidates:

  • A company that lives and breathes technology will be looking for candidates with similar traits. 
  • A company which primary business is anything but - building materials, food, clothes - will be looking for a person with primary interest in business complemented by IT savvy.

So, a question - what do you do with your free time? - helps to clarify your "ideal environment", your natural working habitat.

Additional questions might be - what is your primary sources of information? what site do you open first thing in the morning? Is it Wall Street Journal or SlashDot?


Apple’s Freudian Slip?

An Apple's ad in the InformationWeek magazine (03/12/2012) reads:

Apple is looking for qualified individuals for following 40/hr/wk positions.

To apply, mail your resume to 1 Infinite Loop 84-GM, attn: LJ, Cupertino, CA 95014...

Given that the ad appears in an IT trade magazine and is placed by a company heavily immersed in IT there is a hope that the pun won't be lost on both the employer and its prospective employees.  🙂

NB: I'll give Apple the benefit of doubt and will not pursue the H1B slippery slope of reasoning