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Sybase, an SAP company

SAP has acquired Sybase for about $6bln...I might  be missing something but it seems to be an act of desperation - on both sides -  all this talk about synergy and efficacy notwithstanding.

The way I see it, Sybase was floundering for years, first squandering their RDBMS position by neglecting markets (as witnessed by, for instance, in their pathetic TPC benchmarks and truly archaic dialect of Transact-SQL), then foregoing initial success of PowerBuilder ($3,000 for an IDE?! this what comes out of $1 billion dealin 1994 with PowerSoft) unable to compete with more nimble VisualBasic and Delphi (though not necessarily more technologically advanced) in the data access applications arena..

SAP was steamrolling businesses into what they defined as set of "best practices" until their Borg-like message  sunk in in the wake of high profile implementation failures, as well as increased competition from Oracle, Microsoft and others following of ERP market consolidation (Siebel, JD Edwards, Lawson).  Then there are number of departures from SAP management team (Leo Apotheker being the latest)...

What will happen of all suite of Sybase products, what will happen to dozens of overlapping competing technologies and solutions - is any body's guess. I would stay away from SAP stock for awhile.

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Software mega-packages in the SOA world

What do you get when you add content management, eForms, collaboration, messaging and workflows – basic building blocks of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) suite such as MS Sharepoint, Adobe LiveCycle/Alfresco etc.? A platform for assembling a custom ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application.

For decades SAP had an iron grip on the ERP market (with ~30% of the total ERP market and ~25% of SCM and CRM markets) ; also-runs Siebel, Lawson, MS Dynamics etc dividing remaining 60% of the market. With advent of ECM one could connect proprietary and/or open source/free components into a powerful ERP app for a company that isn’t prepared to spend millions on SAP, and adopt their “best practices” in the process; instead they could implement their own best practices and maybe even re-use their existing accounting, planning or material management software.

Maybe, the era of mega packages is over…