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Déjà vu: Hudson vs. Jenkins

It did not take long for Oracle to tighten its grip on the jewels which it fond itself in possession of with Sun Microsystems acquisition. The examples include Java spat resulting in Google's Android lawsuit and changes that lead to Apache Foundation withdrawal from the Java Community Process. Here's the recent one - expropriation of Hudson Continuous Integration Server

Not surprisingly, the Hudson developers bailed out, leaving Oracle with the only asset that it really owns - the name "Hudson". The fork of the code is fait accompli: the new Jenkins site is up and running, and the project is being considered for Apache Foundation umbrella - where it logically belongs.

Oracle maintains that this ousting of the project's founder Kohsuke Kawaguchi was in the best interests of the project because now they'll be able to bring in "real structure" and make the project "corporate friendly". Needless to say that neither are the top priorities of the open source community, Oracle has pushed the wrong key - again.