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Getting started with Oracle BI: a virtual experience – Part II

(continued from Part I)

Step 3.

Download OBIEE Sample application (V107) from the Oracle’s site. The download includes deployment guide, VirtualBox VB Image Key - the deployment descriptor which is needed to convert VMDK image disk file into a working virtual machine, and the VMDK files themselves; the downloads descriptor on the Oracle site is shown on Figure 1.

The VMDK files are hosted at FTP server and you could use an FTP client of your choice (default port 21, user “robic1”, password “1pertg9edq”), or use your browser’s FTP capabilities. I went with the latter option; Figure 2 shows the directory structure for the FTP site:

The number of archives available for download was a bit puzzling, and for some reason- in my experience - the downloaded files were invariably corrupted upon assembly; downloading straight VMDK  files from the Unzipped_Version directory worked for me.

(NB: verfying CHECKSUM - see file [checksum.md5] on Fig.2 - would provide reasonable assurance that the files were not tampered with; for instance, you could use FastSum free utility for this)

As part of the download, click on VB Image Key (.ovf) link shown on the Figure 1; both the OVF key file and four .VMDK files must be in the same directory.

The downloads take approximately 25GB of space. Make sure that you have plenty of space for the download and installation.

(continued in Part III of  Getting started with Oracle BI:  a virtual experience)