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A bite of Apple

It is official - Steve Jobs does not like Flash. The reasons explaned in a long essay cite everything under the sun - from open standards to battery life to lack of H.264 standard support... Job's assertion that "Flash is the number one reason Macs crash" is all but certain to anger many on both sides of the dispute..

While I am not discounting Apple's anal urge to control the straw that saved it from near death experience in the beginning of 2000, I think Steve Jobs got a point: Flash is a crutch obliterated by nascent open standards (same probably goes for Microsoft's Silverlight) and will be obsolete withing few short years. The pendulum has swung the other direction - the hardware processing.

[update] Microsoft decided to side with Apple on this, probably given up its hopes for Silverlight to upend Flash.  This eerily reminds of the tactics applied to Java rivalry when C# was released as an ECMA standard